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A Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki fan fiction story
chronicled by Dro'gan NiteFlier

Disclaimer: Tenchi Muyo!, its characters and settings, © Hitoshi Okuda, AIC / Pioneer LDC, and Viz Communications, Inc. Some elements taken from the Shining Spiral, used without permission but with great respect.

Foreword: I think it started when I went back and read the original "Bet" by Greg Sharp. Then I had an Idea. Instead of taking a cause and seeing the effect, take the effect and see what caused it. The effect that came to mind: "No Need for Tenchi!"


Yosho blocked the third strike from the Demon Pirate, and with a quick swipe and dodge gained more room to fight the red-eyed monster. A glance at the palace showed that it was still burning, despite efforts to put out the flames. He had to end this! He had to force the monster down!

But, he thought as he barely dodged another random blast from the Demon's right hand, I can scarcely keep her at bay now! How am I supposed to subdue her?!

Yosho suddenly lunged at the monster, managing to make it past her guard, and struck—

Air. The Demon teleported away as soon as he had made it through her defense.

"WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Demon's cackle roared loudly against the burning background. Yosho grit his teeth against the sheer wrongness of the sound, especially here, in the heart of his homeland. He roared a defiant cry at the beast and charged.

He could see that she was gathering energy to blast him away, killing him in the midst of his last, futile attempt to destroy her. Just a few more meters! Just a little bit more energy!

The Demon let loose the ball of destructive power as he was merely a meter away. The explosion sent him staggering back, but he realized that it had not hit him. Surely the monster could not have missed when he was so close?

He opened his eyes to see the Demon's enraged face coming at him. He scarcely brought his blade up in time to block her sword's thrust. Block, parry, thrust, and swing. Somehow the Demon had missed him with her shot, but was now trying to make up for it with her sword.

One of them had to make a mistake. It was the only way to end this fight.

It was hers.

Yosho struck, sending the monster's hand flying. In the second that the Demon took to realize that she had lost her sword, and her arm with it, Yosho had run his blade through her stomach.

The Demon blinked, twice, then looked down at the sword, and up at him again. Her blazing red eyes faded leaving only two yellow irises, and slit pupils. She drew in a breath, then all expression on her face faded, and she slipped of the blade onto the ground, her blood spreading underneath her.

Yosho panted, his muscles complaining about their work, and he fell to his knees beside the body. The Demon's face was peaceful, almost serene. It was as if the monster who had come here was a completely different person.

He heard the crunch of gravel behind him, and without looking asked, "Is everyone safe? The fires?"

"They are safe, Jurai Prince. And the fires will not cause any harm that cannot be rectified." The voice was not one of his soldiers, nor was it any that he knew.

He turned to see the person walking up, but the figure was wrapped in loose black cloth, and he could not even tell if it were male or female, if not for the voice. Her burgundy eyes startled him, as she looked down upon him and his defeated foe.

"So this is why…" he heard her murmur. She shook her head, and placed her hand above the Demon's throat. The gem there glowed, and then disappeared. Yosho saw that the other two gems on the Demon's wrists were gone as well. He was startled when a sphere was dropped in his lap. He looked at the woman stooping beside the body.

"What?" he asked.

The unknown woman picked up the body and cradled it. "You will know when the time comes, Jurai Prince. They will either be returned to who they came from, or this woman when she is ready." The black-clad woman closed her eyes, and whispered something that Yosho couldn't make out. The body of the Demon dissolved into sparkling lights, and disappeared.

As the woman turned and began to walk away, Yosho gained the strength to question, "Who are you?"

She stopped, and looked over her shoulder at him. "In time, Yosho. In time."

He could only sit there, as this woman, too, disappeared.


To be continued.

Chapter 1
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