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A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon story
by Dro'gan NiteFlier

Disclaimer: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon belongs to Takeuchi Naoko, Koudansha, TV Asahi, and Toei Douga, and DIC, and I would be a supreme idiot for claiming it or any of its affiliated characters.

Foreword: On Timelines: This story is set directly after the Doomtree story arc, but takes place in the alternate universe of "Assassin's Loyalty", and as a sequel to it. As you might have guessed, this leads to certain… differences in this universe, as you get to see right off the bat.

On Names and Postfixes: In this story I use the Japanese names in the Japanese manner. Thus George Bush would be Bush George, and Usagi Tsukino would be Tsukino Usagi. Also, the postfixes -chan, -san, -dono and others appear attached to names. Don't worry if you don't know what they mean. I use them simply for flavor, and like any flavor can be left out without altering the reading (or edibility) too much.

Chapter One: Introducing the Players

Haruka trudged on towards her home, thinking of the difficult tests she'd barely passed today, the complaints of her younger friends still ringing in her ears. Did she really care that they had a new student in their class?

She knew she should care just a bit, if for no other reason that the new girl could be like the last two students that appeared in the Princess's class. But for an enemy, even a different one, to make the same move as the last? Besides, then the attacks had begun directly after their arrival, not several days before.

Haruka didn't really know what to think of the stories she had gotten out of the three that shared their homeroom with this "Ice Queen". Personally, she thought they were making most of it up. Sometimes Minako and Makoto could overreact as much as Usagi. But that, of course, was beside the point.

If this new girl, Mizuno Ami, was in any way connected with the darker side of Tokyo, she would know very quickly.

As soon as she got hold of her father, at least.

Of course, if their other duties didn't get in the way first. The life of a Senshi was filled with peril.

Haruka was jolted out of her musings on their less-than-curricular activities by her arrival at her home, which she shared with her father. As she entered, and took off her shoes, she noticed a set of slightly larger ones already sitting there.

Well, it looked like she'd be seeing Dad even sooner than she'd thought.

Haruka walked into the living room, and went to embrace the slight man sitting on the couch. It felt good to see him after a rough day like this.

"So how's my little Tomboy doing?" said Ten'ou Tenmura to his daughter.

Haruka stuck her tongue out at her father, but replied, "This beautiful little girl is tired after taking two hard tests and listening to her younger friends complain about their new classmate. They think she's the Snow Woman incarnate."

Tenmura laughed. "Well, I doubt that. There's a warm front moving in from the east, so it would be too hot for her here!" He looked deeper into his daughter's eyes. "But you're not convinced that she means no harm?"

Haruka sighed, "Dad, it may be a flaw, but I can't help but be suspicious of anything that's out of place, and with this new round of Youma or whatever they're called coming up, a new student in the middle of the year is definitely out of place."

Tenmura nodded sadly. His daughter's duties as a Senshi were something that he could not help her with, save giving her advice won from experience.

Haruka looked into her father's eyes and knew that he understood in a way that even Mi-chan wouldn't have. After all, the two of them, father and daughter, kept absolutely no secrets from each other.

They couldn't afford to, lest they lose sight of each other's motivations and be torn apart by misunderstanding.

Haruka surely wouldn't have trusted one of her closest secrets to her father if he did not do the same for her. They both understood that very little separated them from death in each of their chosen jobs.

"Could you, perhaps, keep a watch for her on your side of the world?"

"I will, dearest. As long as you tell me any new developments that happen with her and your friends. Information must be kept up to date, you know."

Michiru was beginning to regret staying with the others when Haruka went back home to get out of her school-required skirt. It was becoming ultimately boring to listen to Makoto prattle on about boys to Minako while Rei and Usagi fought over who got to use the Sailor V video game machine next. Michiru felt it was a bit obsessive, especially since Sailor V was sitting right next to her.

But then again, maybe it was fate, just like herself and Haruka, who had been lovers back in their previous life, and had taken it up again even before they knew that were Sailor Senshi.

That had been a bit embarrassing, especially when Haruka's father had walked in on them.

Haruka had merely mumbled, "Hi, Dad," and gone back to what she had been doing. She herself had blushed fit to light up the room. Haruka's father had merely taken a glance, then said, "Sorry for interrupting you, ladies," turned and walked out of Haruka's room.

Michiru had eventually gotten back in the mood, and they had finished each other off, but she had later laid into Haruka for not telling her that the elder Ten'ou was home.

Her lover had merely responded that she hadn't known her father was in the house, because of the irregular hours that his work kept him at. When Michiru had wondered about his lack of response when he had "interrupted" them, she had gotten a strange answer.

Haruka had looked at her queerly, as if not understanding, and replied, "He would have known anyway. There is no secret I have that he is not privy to, and vice-versa."

She had had to take that statement at face value, but could not even begin to think of such a relationship with her parents. The two of them were so wrapped up in their work and business trips that Michiru doubted they'd even noticed that she'd taken up the violin, even when she had an entire room dedicated to it. The thought of telling them that she was the Senshi of Grace and Water gave her shudders, and she suspected the rest of the Senshi present felt the same.

Michiru worried about the Senshi of Force and the Heavens, though. If her or her father were to die, then it would be a terrible blow to the one left surviving. The fact that one fought otherworldly monsters, and one fought the all-too-worldly enemies of the underworld made it all too likely that day was closer than either believed.

Rei Hino was glad to be at home in the shrine again, especially after that fight with Usagi over the video game.

It wasn't that she didn't like the blond, it was just that her princess set something off in her that she didn't quite like.

It was all very well for Haruka and Michiru, but she was interested in BOYS, thank you very much. Really. She wasn't kidding.

"ARRG!!" She was definitely not getting calmed down by thinking about it.


She looked up to the origin of the voice. "Yes, Grandpa?" she asked.

The old man shuffled down the steps until he reached where the young Miko-in-training was sweeping the long stair. "You know, this job was designed to promote peace of mind while giving the body a melodic rhythm of motion, Rei." He nodded back up the stair, looking pointedly at several places that had been skipped over and left filled with leaves. "You don't normally do this badly, you know. What's on your mind, my dear?"

Rei sighed, "Nothing Grandpa. Nothing at all."

The elder Hino nodded again. "Then I think that you had best do it over again."

As Rei went back up to the top with her grandfather, she thought of all the things she could be doing right now, instead of sweeping the stair. Things like ridding the world of those stupid monsters that could be attacking at any moment.

She dug out the small communicator that Luna had finally coughed up and given each of them, hoping against hope that one of her friends would find a monster and call for help. Anything to get out of these useless chores.

But no salvation came, and Rei dropped the small device back into her pocket. She thought back to the day that Luna had almost accidentally remembered about them and had magicked them out of thin air, along with some sort of small computer that she insisted was necessary for their use.

Rei had been a bit skeptical about that one, especially after it turned out that no one could even open the device up, much less use it. But the communicators worked just fine, computer or no.

Those questions that Luna and Artemis had been unable to answer, they had tried to get the mysterious Guardian Senshi to reveal.

That had been less than pleasant.

The Guardian Senshi, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn, had been known to come when called by Sailor Moon, for reasons that were now obvious. The first two times that Sailor Moon had called, it had been in the heat of battle, with lives on the line.

The third time had been shortly after the Ali/Ann debacle, and they had not been in a fight. Sailor Saturn, who had appeared at Moon's call, had looked around, looked at the Senshi, and then proceeded to verbally bite their heads off.

They had learned never to call the Guardians unless there was a dire need.

She was distracted by some people moving up the stair, and moved off to the side to let them pass. As her eyes followed them up, however, they noticed that the stairway was once again scattered with leaves.

She sighed again, and wondered if there was anything that the Senshi of Emotions and Fire could do to get out of sweeping the stair again. Maybe convince Makoto to let her come over?

She was bored and tired, and after the five of them had broken up from their impromptu gathering at the Crown, Makoto had gone straight home, with the intent to go to bed.

But homework called, and like any dutiful student, she had complied. The problem with homework, however, was that it reminded her of school. The problem with school, in her opinion, was the newest student, one Mizuno Ami, who was already being given the name "Ice Queen" in some circles.

Not that the Senshi of Nature and Lightning had anything to back that name up. It may just be that the girl was shy, and not used to interacting with people. Mizuno-san had taken to the lessons poorly, however. She treated each of them as if they were old news, something that she had learned years ago. The only subject she had shown any interest in at all had been history, and that she had dove into like it was a completely new experience. But it couldn't have been, could it?

She shook her head. Now was not the time to be wondering on that subject. It wasn't like she had some baseless fear of the unknown, or suspicion of those who do not fit the mold, but Mizuno-san knowing everything about mathematics, the sciences, and such, and to draw a total blank when it came to Japanese History… it raised a few questions about the girl.

Not that it was any of her business, and the girl seemed perfectly nice aside from the fact that she was a walking encyclopedia.

Except when it came to history.

Makoto frowned. "Maybe if I baked her some cookies, she might open up some."

It might be a good idea to include the Senshi of Justice and Energy (Although she claimed Love as well) in her plans.

Minako was not happy.

Being shown up in class was not new to her, but being shown up in almost every subject by the same person was.

That one person was the new girl. Unassuming to look at, she was only 5'2" tall, pale skin, and seemed to just fade into the background at any opportunity. She was, however, not giving herself that opportunity.

Whenever there was a tough question, or one that was just plain out there, she answered without hesitation. That, and three other things had caught Minako's attention.

The first was something that everyone had noticed about her, her hair. Minako had only seen one other person with hair like hers, and that was the sea-green locks of Michiru. Mizuno-san's hair, however, was a bright, almost icy, blue. That color had tugged at something in her memory, but it had refused to show itself.

The second thing was her accent. It truly didn't sound like any Minako had heard in Japan. It did, however sound slightly like those she had heard in England.

The final thing she wouldn't have known about if she had been late as per usual, but when she had gotten to school early for once, she had seen Mizuno taking off boots in the entryway.

Not your normal schoolgirl footwear.

She would have made her own investigation of the unusual article, but too many other students were coming in.

Minako sighed and looked at the clock. At least it was almost lunchtime. She wondered what their esteemed leader made of the strange newcomer.

Usagi was sure of only one thing when it came to Mizuno-san, and that was that she needed a friend. Why wouldn't she, a stranger in a strange school, bereft of all that she had grown comfortable with?

One might say that Usagi had a different perspective than most other people.

As she walked outside with the majority of school for lunch, she had a specific destination in mind. A tree by the boundary wall that wasn't too frequented. It was, as of yesterday, the lunchtime residence of one Mizuno Ami.

Usagi planned to change that. After all, what was lunchtime but a convenient opportunity to be with friends? And who in the school needed a friend more than anything?

At least, according to one Tsukino Usagi.

She saw the blue-haired girl walking with her lunch to her tree and looked over at her friends, gathering near their usual place. She waved at them to stay put as she ran over to meet her target.

Before Usagi had gotten halfway to the solitary girl, she knew that Mizuno-san had spotted her approach. However, she did not deter from her goal in the least.

They met underneath the tree that had become Mizuno-san's lunchtime hideout. Usagi decided to be as friendly as she could.

"Hi! I'm Tsukino Usagi!"

The total lack of response aside from attention put her off a little. She decided to go boldly on.

"Err… Would you like to come over and eat lunch with us?"

And Lo! there was an answer.


Sort of, at least.

Usagi was not to be averted, however. "Because I want you to eat with us so you won't be so lonely over here away from everyone else?"

The blue-haired girl merely shook her head. "I'm not lonely. I—"

But the blond did not wait to hear what she said, for upon realizing that Mizuno-san was misguided in that she did not want to intrude on the group that she and her friends had made, she decided to use her backup weapon in situations like this.

Present the opponent with the finished situation.

It was thus that Usagi had said, "Yatta! So you'll come!" And promptly grabbed the shorter girl's hand to drag her over to Naru, Makoto, and Minako.


That's the only thing I could think or feel when she touched my hand.

How could power like this be contained so quietly that it took physical contact to show it to me, someone who is attuned to knowing things about those around her?

Oh, wait. Never mind the magical power, look at how strong she is to be dragging me straight across the schoolyard!


She stops, turns, and looks at me, suddenly sheepish of her actions.

"Why?" I ask again.

I'm getting awfully fond of that word.

She wrinkles up her cute brow and pouts. "Because I just want everybody to be happy together, I guess. And besides, you don't need to be by yourself, you can come and be friends with us!" She waves her hand at her friends, who are waiting under a tree a ways away.

I sigh to myself. New question. How could such power be contained in such a pure being? There was no corruption, no duplicity in her. She is… Innocent.

Yes, that fits her.

I cautiously take her face in my hands, fighting down the reaction inside of me to be confronting so much magic.

"Usagi. You are Innocent." Yep, it definitely fits her. "But I'm not. Where you are pure and unsullied, I am destined for a different path. I will not bring one such as you along with me, and that is exactly what would happen if you were to get to close to me." I release her, and gently push her in the direction of her friends. "Go to those who share your light, and leave me to my darkness in peace."

She stumbles away, occasionally looking back over her shoulder at me.

I sigh again, and go to eat lunch.

"Well. That was an interesting confrontation."

Soft viridian hair shifts as the scene floating between the pillars evaporates. The owner of the long, luxurious hair stands and stretches, showing off a lean and muscled body covered in a dark Senshi fuku. The woman pauses for a moment, then gestures into the mists surrounding her and the two columns before her.

No sound is made as a newcomer appears in the mists, for sound was never one of her trademarks. The second woman reaches the first, and they stand together, just sharing time for a few seconds. The second woman brushes away a few locks of blondish-brown hair that have escaped her braid, then softly speaks, as if not wanting to break the companionable silence.

"How did their meeting go?"

The Senshi cocks her head to one side for a moment, then replies.

"Better, I think, than Sa predicted. She said that Mercury would put the Princess on the People-That-Will-Not-Bother-Me-Again list." She rolls her head to look at her companion. "You know she doesn't let that list get too long."

The brunet chuckles. "I sincerely doubt that my other half would have let her go if she made grudges that quickly."

"Speaking of Father, how is he doing?"

"He is well along in ending any problems that could follow him once he terminates his Assassin persona. It will still take him some time, though."

"And you?"

"Well along in setting up the basis for a new Solar Kingdom."

"But there is still much to be done."

The both of them nod, and lock eyes for just a second, sky-blue to sky-blue.

One turns and begins to walk away through the mists. As she goes, the one left calls out to her. "Take care of yourself, and give my love to Saturn when you see her."

A pause, and the one leaving stops for a moment. "I will. And take care yourself, Pluto."


To be continued.

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